Life Start Series

Join Dr. David DeRose each Sunday morning at 9:30 am as he presents 12 life changing topics in this wonderful seminar!  You’ll learn how to address health issues naturally,  how to maximize your life,  and how to improve the life of your family.  Topics include:

  1. Lose Weight Naturally
  2. Reverse Heart Disease Naturally
  3. Maximize Mental Performance Naturally
  4. Lower Hypertension Naturally
  5. Improve Lung Function Naturally
  6. Relieve Arthritis Naturally
  7. Overcome Addictions Naturally
  8. Prevent Osteoporosis Naturally
  9. Prevent Cancer Naturally
  10. Avoid Colds and Flu Naturally
  11. Reverse Diabetes Naturally
  12. Defeat Dementia Naturally

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