In 1997 pastry chef Del Sroufe (rhymes with “loaf”) adopted a vegan diet and ballooned to 475 pounds. He what?!? Hear his amazing story of suffering through decades of yo-yo weight gain and loss and his final discovery of the diet that works long term. Tonight at 9 on Heartwise.

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Christian Heroes: Then and Now

From his earliest childhood, C.S. Lewis loved to tell stories. Persuaded that stories could reveal truth in a unique way, he would write more than thirty books, including theology, literary criticism, and children’s books. Tune in this Saturday morning at 9:00am as we start the biography of C.S. Lewis, the […]

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Lifestart 9 Part Series This Friday

A special nine-part series starts Friday February 7th at 12:30–Lifestart with Dr. David DeRose will reveal nine secrets to regain your health, boost your energy, enhance your immune system, prevent premature aging, and stop the progress of degenerative diseases. You can’t afford to miss Lifestart, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at […]

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