Voter ID Event

The Office of the Secretary of State will be hosting a mobile unit in Jefferson County to register voters and issue Free Photo Voter ID cards.

To qualify for a Free Photo Voter ID:

  1. Must be a Registered Voter in Alabama at current address
  2. Must NOT already possess a valid photo identification acceptable for voting
  3. Must provide identification such as:
  • ┬áNon valid Photo ID (expired license, student or employee ID, etc.)
    (The following must contain full legal name and date of birth.
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Record
  • Medicare or Medicaid Document
  • Military Record
  • Official School Record or Transcript
  • Social Security Administration Document
  • State or Federal Census Record
  • Hospital or Nursing Home Record
  • Certificate of Citizenship

For additional information contact 800-274-8683 or visit