Community Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program

Depression and Anxiety carousel
The Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program is  coming to Tuscaloosa. Presented by Dr Donna Fischer and Dr. Stacy Moore, it is a program developed by Dr Neil Nedley to address the causes of depression and support participants in taking lifestyle approach to recovery.  
The program is comprehensive and the eight weekly session topics  include:
  • How to Improve Your Brain
  • Lifestyle Therapies for Depression and Anxiety
  • Nutrition and the Brain
  • How Thinking Can Defeat Depression or Anxiety
  • Making and Staying with Positive Lifestyle Choices
  • Stress Without Distress
  • Overcoming Loss
  • Enhancing  Frontal Lobe Function


Please attend the FREE  introductory session, Monday September 12 ,2016 at 6 pm at Shelton State Community College in the D rooms.  To register call 205-632-5511