Messages Of Hope

In a world where there is so much suffering, sorrow, and evil how can God be a God of love? Messages of hope speaker Kameron DeVasher will answer this question and more in his series titled “God is Love?” Don’t miss Pastor Kameron DeVasher starting Friday at 7:30am on Messages […]

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More Abundant Life

Discouragement means the undoing of courage. It means the unraveling of one’s ability to do battle with the trials of life. Are you discouraged? Pastor Wintley Phipps offers powerful words of encouragement from the Bible Monday on More Abundant Life at 3:30pm CDT.

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Genesis to Revelation

The book of Hebrews has been called the fifth Gospel. The first four gospels describe Christ’s ministry on earth, while the book of Hebrews describes Christ’s ministry in heaven. Pastor George Knowles leads a beautiful study through the book of Hebrews Saturday at 8:30pm CDT on Genesis to Revelation.

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